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Biography: IMackGroup provides mathematics edutainment and quantitative finance products and services.

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Financial Literacy

There's quite a bit of news and media buzz about Dr. Iris Mack's financial literacy book and eBook Mama Says, "Money Doesn't Grow on Trees!".  

  • Dr. Mack's financial literacy book is on various Amazon Bestsellers' Lists -  herehere and here.

  • Dr. Mack's book has also received high profile endorsements from influential celebrities such as Mrs. Karen Pritzker.

  • Some of this news and media buzz may be found here.  
  • Here's Dr. Mack's  VIDEO BOOK TRAILER.



Great Book, Great information, Great tool! I read "Mama Said, Money Doesn't grow on trees" this morning. I bought it for my daughter about 2 months ago, but she hasn't read it yet. We are going to read it together and put the lessons into practice this summer. I've been showing her some stocks I have and explaining how they work. She retains much more than I thought she would. I'll let you know how it works out. That book should be required reading for school kids! Great job! This book is an invaluable resource for teaching both kids and adults the practical aspects of "growing money". I have to admit, I intended to read only a portion of the book, but it was so engrossing, I ended up reading it all in one sitting! As an engineer working on the Space Shuttle program and father of a teenager, I find this book easy to read, very informative, and a must read for parents and children. As a parent who is teaching my child how to develop a strong savings plan and the mathematical details of how a savings plan works, I believe this book will help to convince my child to save by showing the real and tangible benefits of "growing money". I think schools, parents and children across the nation could benefit tremendously by using this book as a teaching tool!

Myron, Space Shuttle Program Engineer


Excellent aid to assist children with their math homework. Ordered 4; now ordering 4 more to give as gifts.

Attorney and FBI Agent


I've read a profile about you and I think the work you're doing is great! Keep it up!! 

Qasim Akbar, Mathematician at the Phoenix Group in London, England 


I think the work you do showing how math can be beautiful and practical is great, keep it up!

Javier Tordable, Senior Software Engineer at the Google Corporation


Making math fun and relevant is a real public service. Old fashioned, boring textbooks aren't the thing that will capture the imagination and engage our children in the fun and yes, joy, in math and problem solving. Iris Mack has created a group of characters and scenarios that will draw young people into the fold of knowledge.

Karen Pritzker, Producer of The My Hero Project and Editor of Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

Dr. Mack, I recently read your book, "Money doesn't Grow on Trees." I intended to read the book in two sittings, but when I began to read, I just couldn't stop; therefore, I read the book in one sitting. I concur wholeheartedly in the fourteen testimonials in the book, and I would add that I believe that any family with growing children or grandchildren should make the book a part of their personal library. It is definitely a classic!

Ellis Wiliams, Retired Lieutenant New Orleans Police Department