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Wall Street Journal: Obamacare Will Collapse Because Folks Will Sign Up Only When They're Sick

July 1, 2012 2 Comments


"Obamacare will collapse of it's own accord. Do the math. It will be cheaper to pay the penalty than to buy insurance. For any health insurance to work you need healthy people that use little to no health care to pay into the system so that there will be a large enough pool of money to pay for those who require expensive care.

I am opposed to Obamacare but I can not wait for it to be implemented. The achilles heal of the Obama Health Care Tax scheme is that people will just wait until they are sick to sign up for insurance. As a result, billions will be removed from the insurance pool. The faster the plan is put into place the faster this flaw will become apparent and the faster this Ponzi scheme will be repealed. 

If you doubt what I am saying research the Mass. health care plan that was in effect before the so-called Romney care plan.


Joseph Martino

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